Rochester Airport

Design and Build

Rochester Airport was a project where SKJ Steel Services had to design, fabricate, repair and install taking a very old building and giving it a new life. Starting the project with complete steel repairs on the columns, adding new plates to strengthen the original steel, changing corroded rivets and new structural steel to give the building more strength. The original truss was then painted with more than 280 micros to last thought out the years to come. Once all the repairs was completed new steel could start to be fitted we supplied all designs and working with Kier to create an amazing new building. We added 3 new columns either side of the hanger to take perlins when it came to hanging cladded sheets, we then went on to install the new canopy witch sits in the middle of the building for the new door to hang to. The new canopy gave the building a great new look with added protection. Once the new canopy was installed perlins could be set ready to take the new cladding. The perils where set and it was important to be level and in line so no cladding sheets would not bulge. The SKJ team then moved onto the cladding sheets and installed working from left to right of the building, using MEWPS, lining and levelling so that the sheets look perfect, all cladding was then finished with fashings to give the building this finishing touches and really give this building a new life. Hanger 3 at Rochester Airport was then finished with the iconic lettering profiled and installed by the SKJ operatives. Please see the photos starting with END to START of project.