Sheerness Docks Church

Sheerness Docks Church, 

It was built in the 1820s to serve the officers and workers of the then newly constructed Royal Naval Dockyard at Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppy. 

It continued in use for a time after the Dockyard closed in 1960. Later it became a sports facility and a store. In 2001, the church was gutted by fire and the beloved building’s future looked uncertain. SKJ Steel have come into the project to restore the famous Church back to beauty. This project was fabricated, painted and installed by SKJ Steel. The newly fabricated beams was made to support the new tower adding strength and stability as the old tower was corroded after the fire in 2001. The SKJ site team installed the new beams via a tower crane and did amazing work manoeuvring massive beams around lots of scaffolding using block and tackle. The installation went amazing allowing other trades to continue their work. We are excited to see this building back to its former glory.